Coming home from hospital

As soon as people are admitted to hospital a process of planning should begin to find out what services and support they may need when they leave. By the time they leave hospital a clear discharge plan should be in place.

For some people the process is simple, for others it can be more complicated. By the time someone leaves hospital they should know:

  • how to contact relevant services
  • what treatment will be provided
  • how to use any equipment needed
  • what, and how, medication will be given.

Making arrangements to leave hospital

Under the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 local health boards now have a duty to involve carers, including young carers, in discharge from hospital when the person being discharged is likely to require care.

It is important to identify yourself to hospital staff as soon as possible and let them know how to contact you. You also need to speak to the person you care for to get their consent for you to discuss their care and discharge plan with health and social work staff.

Being involved in this way gives you the opportunity to decide and communicate what you are willing and able to do and to think about how any changes in your role may affect you as a carer. Even if care needs have not changed, as their carer, you should still be involved. Hospital staff have a duty for you to be involved in discharge planning. This may be a discussion in person or over the telephone to arrange the details of when and how the discharge will take place.

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If the person you care for lives in Midlothian, VOCAL Midlothian have a specific Hospital Discharge Carer Support Worker who can offer support for you during the discharge process. Support is available whether the person you care for is being discharged home or to long-term care.

Please contact Karen King at VOCAL Midlothian:
Tel: 0131 663 6869