Am I a carer?

Are you supporting a family member, partner, relative or friend, of any age, who needs help to manage a long term condition, disability, physical or mental health problem or addiction? If the answer is yes – you are a carer.

Your caring role could be as simple as getting their shopping once a week, taking them to medical appointments or you could be responsible for all their everyday needs.

You can’t always tell if someone is a carer but those providing care and support to family members and friends need support too. You may see yourself as a doing what any wife, husband, partner, son, daughter, parent, relative or friend would do. You are also a carer.

Support for unpaid carers

VOCAL supports carers in all family or relationship settings, be they defined by kinship, partnership, friendship, affection or obligation.

Watch more of our┬ácarers’ stories videos┬áto find out more about what it means to be a carer and the benefits of accessing the support and resources you are entitled to.

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