Adult Carer Support Plan (ACSP)

The Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 makes provision about and for unpaid carers including the identification of carers needs through an Adult Carer Support Plan. Local authorities have a duty to prepare an adult carer support plan for anyone they identify as a carer or for any carer who requests one.

What is an adult carer support plan?

An adult carer support plan (ACSP) starts with a conversation where you discuss your caring role and what is important to you in your life. It helps plan what could help you work towards your goals.

Why is an adult carer support plan important? An adult carer support plan helps you to think about what support you might need if you wish to continue caring and what could help you to have a life alongside caring. The plan sets out any needs you have and how they will be met. Making a plan also helps to decide which level you reach in the local eligibility criteria for support. This will be used to decide what support you have a right to. No matter what level you are, every carer can access information and support from community organisations like your local Carer Centre and you may also be able to access other forms of support too.

How do you make an adult carer support plan? Before you have a conversation with your worker it can help to think of a typical day helping the person you care for and make a note of your needs and concerns. If the caring situation changes a lot over time, think about what a good and bad day look like. Also think about the things that could help you cope with caring.

The key points of the conversation are written down with agreed actions and this becomes the adult carer support plan. You will have a copy to keep. If you wish, a copy can also be given to any other person you choose.

If you live in Edinburgh you can contact

VOCAL Edinburgh


Edinburgh Health and Social Care Carer Support

  • Tel: 0131 536 3371

If you live in Midlothian, you can contact

VOCAL Midlothian

  • Tel: 0131 663 6869
  • Email:


Midlothian Council’s Social Work Contact Centre

  • Tel: 0131 271 3900