Edinburgh Carer Assistance Fund

Fund Information

To support carers, VOCAL has received funding from the Scottish Government and the City of Edinburgh Council to establish a Carer Assistance Fund for carers in Edinburgh. Funds are targeted at those in greatest need and carers will be asked to describe what difference the funding would make to their life.

Each carer household can apply for a one-off £250-£500 grant. One successful application can be made for a grant from each carer household and does not need to be repaid. It is possible to make two applications to the fund but there must be at least six months between applications.

This fund can be used to apply for one of the following, or a combination of all three:

Fuel support 

Carers finding it difficult to pay fuel bills (gas and/or electricity) can apply for funding to contribute to:

  • fuel costs related to their caring role
  • increasing fuel costs
  • fuel debt

If the application is successful, payment will be made directly to the carer’s energy provider.

We have created an Information Sheet that shares further ideas and suggestions to help carers manage their finances or reduce debt.

Food support 

Eating well can be a real challenge when finances are tight. Some carers struggle to find the time to cook, make sure others in their household eat before they do or are unsure how to cook fresh food. To support carer households to eat healthily, carers can apply for food vouchers. These will be for use in Tesco or Scotmid stores.

We have created an Information Sheet that includes further ideas and suggestions to help carers eat healthily.

General Carer Assistance Fund

The general fund can also provide direct grants to carers for other purposes. This fund can be used to apply for costs towards:

  • Wellbeing activities to reduce stress
  • Basic furniture or furnishings, including white goods
  • Seeking or obtaining employment
  • Costs associated with caring, for example, transport, training, equipment

If you would like to apply:

  • Read our Application Guidance before starting your application.
  • Complete the Application Form online using MS Forms.
  • Download a printable Application Form and send it to VOCAL Edinburgh Carers’ Hub, 60 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH6 5HB.
  • Call VOCAL on 0808 196 6666 and someone can assist you to complete the form over the phone or in person.