Supporting each other

Carers often tell us they feel isolated. Maybe you don’t know anyone else who has had a caring role or feel that you can talk to our family and friends about what is happening as you don’t want to them to worry or feel you are boring them with your troubles. If you are able to talk to friends, family or colleagues you may feel they are unable to understand your situation fully.

At VOCAL, we encourage carers to take the opportunity to meet and support each other through:

Meeting other carers can help to reduce this isolation. Talking to others who understand how we are feeling, or finding people who are willing to share the lessons they have learnt through their caring journey can be a very positive and empowering experience.

It is really nice to share my experiences of caring for my father with others. I had to learn so much the hard way and while I would never tell anyone what to do it is good to think I might save someone else some time and stress by sharing my story.