Free carer training and events

VOCAL provides an ongoing programme of free learning, leisure and social events for carers in Edinburgh and Midlothian.

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Why provide free training for carers?

The aim is to enable carers to develop skills and knowledge that they need to be more confident in their caring role and to manage their own financial, physical and mental health and wellbeing. All courses and events are free of charge to unpaid carers and are also an opportunity to meet other carers and access further support and services.

I have learned new skills which are benefiting my husband.

What can I learn?

Topics include stress management, understanding dementia, first aid and caring for someone with a specific condition or disability. In addition, there are regular fitness and wellbeing classes, visits to galleries and historic buildings and art and craft groups – there’s something for everyone!

The knowledge I gained through the course gives me confidence to deal with things. To deal with (cared for person) as well … everyone is calmer.

To find out more or book a free place on our courses and events, please visit the:
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