Real life carer stories

Being a carer can be very rewarding but often impacts on other areas of carers’ lives. VOCAL has┬áproduced a series of videos of carers’ own stories to offer a real insight into the issues affecting carers and how supporting them in their caring role can improve outcomes for them, their families and the person or people they care for.

Monica’s story:

How VOCAL supported and empowered Monica, who looks after her disabled daughter.

Roan’s story:

How a supportive employer enabled Roan to continue working while caring for his partner.

Cath’s story:

Overcoming the financial, emotional and physical challenges of being a carer through individual and group support.

Anne’s story:

Slowly everything changes – caring for a loved one affected by dementia.

Ramona’s story:

Juggling a caring role with work and a young family.

Gus’s story:

Caring for a family member affected by addiction.