Christmas can be a fun time but it can also be challenging for many people. There are often a lot of commitments, expense and social gatherings which can make it difficult to keep up with the habits that make us feel good and easy to eat, drink and spend more than we would like.

6 top tips to drinking less

survivefestiveseason_smWe know that drinking too much alcohol can be fun at the time, but carries health risks in the long term and a nasty hangover the next day!

Carer support worker Rachael has put together her 6 top tips to help you keep your alcohol consumption in check and have a healthier run-in to Christmas.

Plan ahead for the festive season

This year, VOCAL is running a ‘Surviving Christmas as a Carer‘ course, which will explore what Christmas means to us, what if anything has changed since we began caring and tools to cope with and plan for the festive season. The course will run on at the Wester Hailes Healthy Living Centre (Thurs 8th Dec) and VOCAL Edinburgh Carer Centre (Mon 12th Dec).

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VOCAL carer centre opening Christmas 2016 – ‘Time for me’

As in 2015, the VOCAL carer centres will be open for three days between Christmas and New Year to provide a space for carers to come and take some time out for themselves. Carer support workers will be available for information and support both in person and by phone.

In addition, carers can enjoy workshops, a Carers Cafe, chill-out zone and more every day.

Find out all the details here.