VOCAL's Super Six on their fundraising challenges

Defying gravity isn’t for everyone but six supporters of VOCAL have persevered through bad weather and COVID restrictions to complete their 10,000ft skydives.

Julie Forster skydiving in support of VOCAL

Julie in Freefall


The ‘Super Six’ all took on the challenge last year to raise funds and awareness of VOCAL – Voice of Carers Across Lothian: the charity for people in Edinburgh or Midlothian supporting a family member, partner, relative or friend, of any age, who needs help to manage a long term condition, disability, physical or mental health problem or addiction.

I think when I signed up I was keen to raise some cash for VOCAL, but since COVID I have been doubly determined to ensure that the carers looking after the most vulnerable in our communities are recognised for their vital role during this crucial time

said Julie Forster who did her jump at the end of September describing it as ‘the craziest thing ever’.

Wendy Brooks skydiving in support of VOCAL

Wendy comes in to land


Wendy Brooks , who works directly with carers at VOCAL said:

“we had to postpone the jump throughout lockdown but rather than giving up we persevered. We knew the cause was so important and really wanted to complete this huge personal challenge. It was scary – but I am so glad to have done this!”

Emma Rogers with her certificate of completion for her fundraising skydive

Emma’s a certified skydiver


Emma Rogers also completed her jump as part of a suite of challenges in support of VOCAL:

“It was so good to complete this challenge. I have abseiled from the Forth Bridge and climbed Ben Nevis, but this was the scariest but most amazing challenge yet. I am so thankful that my parents and grandad got to see me complete the jump.” 
Emma, Katie and Jon Pattinson pose by the aeroplane before their fundraising skydive for VOCAL

The intrepid Pattinson trio ahead of their “Patti-plunge”


Also jumping were three members of the Pattinson family: sisters Emma and Katie with their father Jon. “It was amzing  to have this family skydive adventure” said Emma.

“We were so supportive of each other and really kept each other going during lockdown until we got news that we could get together and make that leap. And we did it!”

The Super Six send thanks to the hundreds of sponsors who came on board to raise about £4,500 for VOCAL. Julie added:

“it was just hard that we couldn’t give each other huge hugs and get a great team photo together because of the coronavirus. But maybe the next Super Six will!”

VOCAL are now recruiting for the next set of adventurous supporters to show their recognition of the invaluable work done by the thousands of people who take on intensive and complex caring roles across Edinburgh and Midlothian.


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