Do you work with unpaid carers? Would you like to support them by sharing the powerful skills of self-advocacy? Then this course is for you!

Our face-to-face session on Wednesday 25 May at our Edinburgh Carers’ Hub is aimed at professionals:

  • new to working with carers
  • new to supporting carers around self-advocacy
  • looking for a refresher on this topic

The session will provide professionals working in carer support with an understanding of the challenges and inequalities which carers may face when representing their views and those of the person they care for.

We will look at the skills needed for powerful and successful self-advocacy and how we s can support carers to develop these skills.

The session will be facilitated by Fiona Barrett, Carer Engagement Officer at VOCAL, who brings many years of experience in supporting adult learning and personal development.

To book your free space, register your interest on Eventbrite.