In October 2020, Kevin* was referred to VOCAL through one of Edinburgh’s recovery hubs. His wife, Lucy*, had been struggling with alcohol use and Kevin was supporting her through the difficulties this brings.

Kevin had read a lot of online articles and studies to help him understand what works and what doesn’t for their family. He was overwhelmed and stressed, feeling like he wasn’t doing enough and should be doing more. Kevin accessed one-to-one support, via video call with one of our Family Support Addictions practitioners. He explained his situation:

“I didn’t even realise I was a carer, until well into my carer situation. I found myself questioning everything that was happening around me, even though I knew I was doing the right thing in a most unfortunate situation.

“As the days and months went by, I found myself alone and even though I was not the one needing cared for, receiving help myself was best for everyone around me.

“Once I met with VOCAL, simply taking the time to reflect, rather than necessarily finding a solution, was what helped me enormously. Although my immediate relationship with VOCAL was relatively short, it was still great. The saying ‘quality not quantity’ comes to mind!

“On reflection, I wish I had contacted VOCAL earlier, and I would encourage people reading this to think about getting in touch with the team.”

*We have used an alternative name, to protect this carer and his family’s identity.

To find out more about VOCAL and the support we offer, visit: VOCAL – Supporting carers in Edinburgh & Midlothian