We are pleased to share the exciting news that VOCAL has purchased a cottage in the Blair Atholl area! In April 2021, EMMS International donated its Hawthorn Brae Fund to VOCAL to purchase a property to provide short breaks for unpaid carers and people with life-limiting conditions, and of limited means, living in Edinburgh.

On Friday 3 September, VOCAL became the official owners of the new ‘Carer Cottage’. Debbie Greenough (VOCAL Business Development Manager) and Ruth Hendery (VOCAL Board Member) exchanged keys with John Boyd, the previous owner (pictured above). Debbie and Ruth are both carers, and have been central to the development of the Carer Cottage. VOCAL has always been carer led, and this project positively illustrates how we work together to meet the needs of carers.

The purchase wouldn’t have been possible without the generous donation of the Hawthorn Brae Fund from EMMS International to VOCAL. We also received a generous donation of £50,000 from the Swinton Paterson Trust and would like to thank them for this donation in support of our work to provide short breaks to carers. The next step in the project is to get the cottage ready to welcome guests and we will keep you all updated on the progress! If you would like to sign up to receive the latest news on this project, visit the following link: http://eepurl.com/hHKfdz