Campaigning for the Scottish Elections is hotting up and VOCAL is working with the National Carer Organisations to carry out our own campaign highlighting the Carers Manifesto and bring carer issues to the attention of all political parties and local candidates.

The Manifesto calls on all political parties to commit to:

  • Adequate resources to implement the Carers Bill
  • Increased efforts to improve short break provision
  • Better, preventative support for carers
  • Improved financial support for carers
  • Sufficient, sustainable funding for social care
  • Supporting carers in and into employment
  • Introducing health checks for all carers

All local and regional election candidates have been asked to support our campaign on Facebook and Twitter – and we ask the same of carers and supporters of VOCAL. Please like, share and comment on our posts to help us raise awareness of carer issues!

Download Carers Manifesto (1.4Mb PDF)