Looking for a novel gift idea?

Give a gift – and help support carers

The VOCAL 100 Club is a monthly lottery which raises funds for carer support at VOCAL and pays out 50% of funds raised in prizes. This year we are offering gift subscriptions for the first time.

By gifting a subscription for just £5/month or £60/year, you will also be buying a special present for the thousands of unpaid carers supported by VOCAL every year.

Download the gift subscription form below and return it to the freepost address.

Buy someone a gift subscription

How it works

  • Participants pay a minimum of £5 per month by standing order to be entered into the monthly draw.
  • 50% of your donation will go towards the prize fund and 50% to support carer services at VOCAL.
  • The draw is open to all carers and VOCAL supporters.
  • With 100 people participating, the monthly prizes would be £100 (first prize), £50 (second prize) and four runner up prizes of £25 each.
  • Winners are contacted individually and the results posted on the VOCAL website and social media.

Find out more about the VOCAL 100 club.