Better Breaks

Please Note

VOCAL presently has no Better Breaks funding left, we will update this page when new funds become available but in the meantime  you may want to explore our website or look into the Short Breaks program.

VOCAL’s Better Breaks Scheme provides flexible respite for parents of children and young adults with additional needs (aged 21 and under) living in Edinburgh with the aim of increasing the number of breaks available to parents and carers.

Flexible respite allows parents and carers to select the time, length of and location of respite.

How does it work?

  • Submit an application and participation agreement to VOCAL’s Grants Panel (ensuring the appropriate section is completed)
  • Receive written confirmation of any grant award and cheque for the awarded amount within 3 working days of the panel meeting
  • Grant is spent to facilitate the respite activities
  • Receipts and tickets are returned to VOCAL within one month of respite activities

Financial Support for Travel and Activity Costs

There may be minor costs such as taxi or bus fares, cinema tickets, etc for families taking part in either scheme. Families on low incomes can apply for a small grant to help cover these costs through the VOCAL grants panel. Receipts and tickets for costs should be returned to VOCAL within one month of respite activities.